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If you have submitted a Development Application (DA) to your local Council and have been given the go ahead, you'll need a Construction Certificate before you start any building or construction work. That includes demolition and excavation. We offer Construction Certificate packages that cover all the mandatory inspections before, during and after construction, including the final Occupation Certificate.


If you're planning a renovation or extension, or your new build complies with the requirements set out in the State Policy. Then a Complying Development approval may be the right fit for you. This means that you don't need to go to Council. We offer packages that include approval, inspections and a final Occupation Certificate. However, as soon as one part of the design does not comply, it will need to be amended or a Development Application (DA) needs to be submitted to the local Council.


Our Construction Certificate and Complying Development Packages include all mandatory inspections before, during and after construction. However, if it's just inspections from the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) you are after then we offer these services as well.


The Final Occupation Certificate is the last step in the construction and approval process. It authorises the occupation and use of a new building or new part of a building. Our Construction Certificate, Complying Development Certificate and PCA Service packages all include the final inspection and issue of an Occupation Certificate, once all works have been satisfactorily completed.


As well as providing Construction Certificates for Dual Occupancies and Terrace Homes approved by Councils. We now have the authority, to approve Dual Occupancies and Terraces, that are Complying Development under the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code, in all local government areas across NSW. We also offer Feasibility Reports assessing whether a Dual Occupancy might be permissible on your property.


Like any other building work, Swimming Pools require a Construction Certificate if approved by Council or; a Complying Development Certificate if the design meets the requirements set out in the State Policy. We offer packages for both processes, that include all inspections, through to the issue of an Occupation Certificate.

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